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NO SCHOOLING ALLOWED?? The Social View of Education in the Service Industry

Education in America is taken very seriously in the professional world, but not in all professions. In fact at certain levels in the service industry it can sometimes be looked down upon. Beer lifestyle brand, Beer Kulture, posted a tweet recently challenging why that's the case.   Maybe I’m missing something here. But when “education” is scoffed at & made fun of what does that say about the industry? — Beer Kulture™️ (@beerkulture) November 12, 2018 Of course, they were talking about in the beer industry, but it got me to thinking about not just the beer industry but the service industry as a whole. It says exactly what American society has been saying for years about the industry, it...

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Finding Balance of My Worlds

Let's face it, a good drink will have you hooked like nobody's business. I was that way when I first started drinking. I was way below the legal drinking age when I started, but I'm grown now so sue me! I went that extra mile, got some certifications and became a bartender. The money is good and also I'm around what I like, Alcohol. Alcohol as a whole is great but nothing, and I mean nothing does something to me quite like beer. Beer came to me in a time in my life where I needed a change and that's exactly what it did. I wanted to grow to figure out everything I could about beer, I started brewing and...

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Well Hello! Weclome!

I'm making it my business to showcase not just the world of craft beer but also to be a step for someone to open their eyes to the mainly lanes of it. Being the second most consumed beverage in the world, beer has not been marketed that way to all!!

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