Well Hello! Weclome!

I know what you're thinking, this doesn't look like a craft beer website. Well surprise!! However, this is nowhere near the type of craft beer site you're used to, Shout out to Dooch over at Beer Kulture for the phrase. No, this is the website for the magically different beer drinkers, the people who never thought to drink beer, the people still have no clue what's the big deal about it. Yeah sweetie, this place is for you, come sit down and get comfy. Let me tell you a little story about craft beer and pretty little girl who fell in love with. I'm talking about me, of course!! I was the same way, "ew, beer I'm not gone drink that give me some real alcohol." Yeah I didn't know any better, blame it on my head not my heart. Your girl seen the light though!! Now I'm trying allow others the same opportunity. No craft beer isn't for everyone but everyone should at least try it, hell just to get out your comfort zone. I've always been the type of girl to have a interest for alcohol, and not just drinking it. The process of it, what it does for different people, even down to the many types. The most vast and interesting type of alcohol so far is without a doubt craft beer. But, a lot of people, mainly black people don't know much about it, and what we do know about it the lower end of it. Well that's where I come in at! I'm making it my business to showcase not just the world of craft beer but also to be a step for someone to open their eyes to the mainly lanes of it. Being the second most consumed beverage in the world, beer has not been marketed that way to all!! That's all about to change now, I'll be breaking down the in and outs of craft beer, while also giving honest suggestions. You may not like IPAs, but that's why are hundreds of different beer styles. What's an IPA you ask? I'll explain that too!! Everything from preparing for your first brewery visit, to tasting, even to buying beer from the corner store or grocery market. Just stick around I got you covered, so let's dive into the craft beer world together!!