Finding Balance of My Worlds

Let's face it, a good drink will have you hooked like nobody's business. I was that way when I first started drinking. I was way below the legal drinking age when I started, but I'm grown now so sue me! I went that extra mile, got some certifications and became a bartender. The money is good and also I'm around what I like, Alcohol. Alcohol as a whole is great but nothing, and I mean nothing does something to me quite like beer. Beer came to me in a time in my life where I needed a change and that's exactly what it did. I wanted to grow to figure out everything I could about beer, I started brewing and forming recipes for beer. I began traveling to taste and grab inspiration from other breweries around my area and networking to do collaborations with people. Just really trying to grow with beer as it was growing with me, and working to change the world of beer.  The only thing about beer growing with me is it has to share the spotlight with something that is currently still growing me, the Army. I've been in the Army pretty much all of my adult life. I joined while still in high school my twelfth grade year, went to basic training and AIT that following fall while most of my classmates were starting their freshman semester. The military grew me so much and I honestly say I enjoy being in, part time. While I was nowhere near an innocent child before joining the military was something that was not seen in the future for me by other or myself. I kinda finessed myself into it, but it has and still is growing me in so many ways. I mean I was living my best life extremely young but I really didn't have much structure and in the military you get structure. So there I was, part time Army, with beer grabbing the rest of my time. I enjoyed my double life I was living with beer and Then I found myself in the beer world it all made sense! Then I got a letter in the mail, a call to duty to be exact. Basically, it's a letter telling me I got chosen to deploy with a unit overseas for a certain amount of time. I attempted to start a bi monthly campaign of my time that I would be without beer, but Uncle Sam is pretty unpredictable! I first I didn't understand my purpose of being on this deployment, because my beer world was really becoming great for me. I caught myself questioning the timing and doubting the process of one of my worlds doing so well then having to get snatched away from it. That mindset really set me back though, so for the past ten months I've been in "uniform" yet still trying to stay focused on beer. Luckily the unit I'm currently deployed with kept me sharp with their interest in my beer lifestyle. Once I got to this unit and told the first person of my civilian occupation, I knew it wouldn't be long before the whole squadron knew. Small fact about servicemembers, majority if not all of us have a vice. Some smoke, some drink, hell some smoke and drink among other things. Knowing this, I realized this is exactly where I needed to be! No, I can't drink alcohol due to being in a country where it's illegal, but in order to go full fledge with changing the world of beer I needed to get more structure.  This helped my inspiration to grow, I've literally done so much in this time span being overseas, than I could've ever imagined for my brand. I'm legit nine hours ahead of the United States and am working like I'm still driving around in Montgomery, AL! It took me almost five months into the deployment to realize this, but I can't do one without the other!! I've been really big on having balance in my life and that's what these two worlds give me. I was doing it effortlessly and didn't realize it! I stopped thinking and started just letting go and letting my faith push me. That's how we got here folks! I say all this to say, we overthink entirely to damn much!! Stop fighting your Yin and Yang, let them work together like they suppose to.

 Signing out, Airie "The Black Mermaid"