Behind The Fin

Bartender, soldier, fashionista, and all around lover of things pretty Airelle "Airie" Peters saw dreams of owning her own bar and lounge before she could stand behind one. Beer and alcohol making has always been a part of her life since a very young age. Both women and men in her life have all had their share of alcohol and business endeavors . Whether it be from her uncle making wine from the fruit he grow out of his garden to her grandmother owning a bar and cafe; Airelle was bound to follow in their footsteps in some way.

Joining the Mississippi Army National Guard at the age of 17, Airelle thought she had life figured out. Go to school, get a business degree, and start working towards owning a business!! However like the saying goes, "If you ever want it hear God laugh, say you have a plan." After many trails and military mishaps Airelle found herself dropping out of Mississippi State University in her third year.  Knowing she didn't want to stay in at home she moved to Montgomery, AL to work. 

Working as a server and bartender in Montgomery, AL gave a joy like no other, she got to train and work in numerous environments along side a lot of different people. It was then she set back on track to her goal. After achieving her Servsafe certification, along with other food industry certifications she set her sights on where to start building a network. While still maintaining her monthly military duties she looked for bars to better enhance her craft. That's when Railyard Brewing Company caught her eye and she swam head first into the ins and outs of Craft Beer.

After applying for a job at a restaurant owned by the same owner as Railyard she used her skills to meet the brew master of Railyard and began seeking mentorship. Learning all she could, she began to fall in love with Craft Beer and it became more than a drink it became her second love.